Mid-Argyll Cycling Map

Mid Argyll Cycling

A map and leaflet highlighting cycling routes from the Ardrishaig Bothy in Mid Argyll, Scotland, produced for Cycling UK.

A close-up view of a section of the map around Lochgilphead.

A close-up view of a section of the map around Lochgilphead.

A better look at the topographical shading used on this map.

A better look at the topographical shading used on this map.

Mid Argyll Cycling

Client: Cycling UK

Merritt Cartographic was commissioned by Cycling UK to create this promotional map and leaflet highlighting their recommended cycling routes through the mid-argyll region of Scotland.

Working with colleagues at the Ardrishaig Bothy (a collaboration between Cycling UK and Scottish Canals), Merritt Cartographic produced this document for those looking to explore the area by bicycle. Using a clean and relatively simple map design, which highlights the region's topography, it is hoped that this map and leaflet will incentivise more people visiting the region to explore the area on two wheels by promoting cycle-friendly routes and facilities. However, this map isn't just for tourists, the staff and volunteers at the Ardrishaig Bothy are keen to promote cycling amongst their local community. Another of the aims of this leaflet was to inspire local people to leave their cars at home and make some of their everyday and/or leisure journeys by bike too.

Both sides of the promotional leaflet, produced by Merritt Cartographic, for the Ardrishaig Bothy and Cycling UK.

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Ed Merritt
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Hello, my name is Ed Merritt. I am a cartographer based in Southampton (UK). I established Merritt Cartographic in 2006.

I am a graduate of Oxford Brookes University, receiving an honours degree in Mapping and Cartography. Having worked in the past for a large publishing company in central London, much of my current work is commissioned for inclusion in reference books. I also produce interactive maps for deployment on websites and in applications as well as products for use on public display panels and signposts. As a freelance cartographer, I have produced custom maps and graphics for a wide range of publishers, charities, media organisations and businesses. My work has been included in books published by Dorling Kindersley, National Geographic, Pearson, Penguin Books, Oxford University Press, Taschen, Laurence King Publishing, Millennium House and Weldon Owen. I've also created maps for a wide range of other companies and charities, including the Royal Horticultural Society, Smithsonian Institution, Best Western, The Greenbrier Companies, Fastmarkets, Bright Horizons and Cycling UK.

I enjoy being creative in my work and like to explore new approaches. As a map-maker, I have a natural tendency to pay attention to detail and also to work hard to ensure that I am being as accurate as I can in the work that I produce.

For more information on how Merritt Cartographic can best assist you with your project, please send me a message or make contact via the information displayed above and throughout the site. I look forward to hearing from you.

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